Transportation Included

We want to insure that we provide our guests with a stress free experiences in one of the most beautiful locations in Jaco, Costa Rica.  We understand how it can be stressful to arrange transortation in a foreign Country to and from the airport and areas of interest.  We will be taking care of that for you.  Troy Shows Up with Friends will be providing transportation to and from the airport, and providing transporation to and from both excursions.  The Best Western resort is located on the beach and centralized in one of Costa Rica’s most developed beach towns, and the main strip, which runs adjacent to the sand, is bustling, both day and night.  The culture is known for providing visitors with locally grown produce. This is one of many reasons we elected to take our retreat to Jaco, Costa Rica.  We have discovered this unique city filled with a warm and enviting culture located by the capital of Costa Rica (San Jose) has the perfect environment to grow many superfoods the way nature intended. 

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